Beautiful trees show the most beautiful colors red, yellow, orange, and golden browns adorn the scenery. In in my hometown is a season many of us enjoy while embracing the hope for a turn of the page.

It has been quite hard this year that is coming to an end. Although the answers for a solution may be weeks or months away, we hope it does not take all years or many more tears.

A life I only read in history books about plagues that disrupt the standard of life and sometimes take it away is happening in our world. I hope it is not here to stay.

We mourn the lost while praying for their souls. We think about our kids’ future who are missing the joy of school activities and sharing life with their friends.

Oh, Lord! a sign of hope! Let us light a fire in our hearts with fervent prayers. Come back to our lives and show the world you are in charge. We chased you out of the places where we needed your presence, your favor, and your protection. We repent! Will you forgive us and restore our lives once again?

Let us have an open mind to understand your Words. Your message is sounding louder while we are in this mess. May you keep our families and love ones in the palm of your hands and save the world according to your plan.

We trust in you Lord

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