We have an inexhaustible source of resources at our disposal, waiting for us to give them proper use. Instead, some go through life complaining about the lack of opportunities and insufficient success. However, this does not apply to everyone since some had severe challenges.

The rest, the healthier, strong, and capable, cannot complain about destiny when they are not using the necessary tools to carve it. I will bring a topic as sensitive as politics. I will mention it because it has caused great division among my circles. During the pandemic that does not seem to end yet, many lost their lives; others continue to work, always using masks and disinfectants.

We could get vaccinated, but what did we opt to do? Some decided to wait without knowing what the outcome will be if they contract the virus. This option is as tricky as choosing who to vote for on election day. What are the consequences of choosing the wrong candidate as President? That decision can bring profound implications also.

I have seen a lot of division in the spiritual sector, so I decided to stay home until I got the vaccine. At church, some used a mask; others did not. In the end, I got confused, awkward when I use it, uncomfortable when I did not. I opted to stay home until I got the vaccine. My humble opinion is that we cannot complain about the consequences of our decisions. We are solely responsible for improving our lifestyle.

I despise the phrase “to each their own,” until now. Nothing is more accurate. We exercise our free will and therefore are responsible for our tomorrow. Allow yourself to use the tools, especially if they are free. There is a variety; I use many of them. These tools will help you improve your lives and the lives of those around you.

What tools do you have available that can enhance your life? Why are you not using them? Maybe it is time to reflect.



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