Are you a Phoenix or a Pile of Ash?

To come out alive from the rubble of life is not as easy as it may sound. Some will talk about it, claim it or post about the feelings of pride and gratefulness for resurfacing from a life of struggle and pain.

The part we like to omit, the meat of the story is often too painful, too shameful, or so recent that it’s better to leave it alone. Not many want to reflect on the wounds that made them who they are today.

Those can get infected and cause us to relive the torment of the dark days we all want to pretend never happened. The truth is those dark times, just like the good ones, will always be present. We can’t avoid them forever.

Not-so-good days are often followed by beautiful ones. It’s all about how you overcome those challenging days that make you wiser and more robust. The fact is that we are the best reflection of ourselves as we move forward despite the many challenges.

Let’s us be like these the Phoenix and, at all cost, leave the Pile of Ash behind.


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