I have experienced some situations lately that have once again rocked my world. I can’t find a reason for other’s behavior. Couldn’t it be life pressures? Upbringing? I want to find excuses for them. I know that the enemy is at work when God is not the center. Some people fall prey due to their lack of God’s wisdom. This is my way of thinking; I believe moving on and let them be is the best option. I must resort to protection mode.

The Bible says that when you have done everything you are supposed to do, you stand. I’m standing on the Word of God. It says everything works for the good of those who love Him and walk according to His purpose. What is His goal? For us to show love, mercy, and compassion.

Only then can we talk to our neighbors about Eternal Life. Can someone hungry listen while you preach them the good news of salvation? No! Feed the hungry, clothe the naked. Meet the needs of the ones around you. You may not reach all, but you will help some. In doing these things, you will find His peace. There is no peace like the one that comes from God.

You know that He is working on your behalf; while you are waiting, this truth brings with it HOPE. That’s the thing you cling to while things turn around. I experienced this before. He never disappoints. Take care and protect yourself from physical and emotional harm.

You should be your number one. In no way can you help anyone if your mind is unrested. Remember, His Word is accurate. He is not a man who can lie or the son of a man who can change His mind. What He said will come to pass. Who can say Amen?

I’m listening Lord!



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