Every season brings with it a hope of new possibilities. I find myself reflecting on it more in-depth now that life has got me the opportunity to have my mom back living with my husband and me. She left for Connecticut ten years ago and lived by herself until now. At 83 years old, it was time for her to come back.

She could do life by herself the way she had things set up, but a situation made her feel alone in that city. The truth is that everything would have worked out in the end, but God has a way to move things just the way he wants them to be. She walks slow and loses her breath as she does. It pains me, but I encourage her to continue while offering my arm for balance.

We go shopping like we used to but not at the same speed of course. Inside me, there is sadness, and I can’t help to notice the decline. When she sits to eat, I watch her and get teary eyes. She can’t see me, and I will not make her sad telling her. She doesn’t look her age; my mom has always been gorgeous. I love the way she put herself together before we go out. I open the door, and she gets in the car with difficulty but excited to go for a ride.

We wish we could go back to Puerto Rico to visit one day, but I’m not sure anymore. There are things that I wanted to do with her one day when life was not so busy without realizing that she was growing older and weaker. One day it’s a time in your imagination.

It does exist. It’s a hope and an excuse for procrastinating the essential things we all take for granted. My mom’s and I’s one-day plans have to happen every day, or it may never be but an unfulfilled wish. Cherish your parents and make the best time you have them with you or “one day” you will regret it.


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