My friend Anthony

To my friend, the artist with a vision so bright, Your creativity shines like a beacon in the night. With brushstrokes and colors, you bring life to the canvas, And your art inspires and awakens all of us.

Your mind is a world of wonder and mystery, A place where imagination runs free. Through your art, you tell stories that touch our hearts, And you make the mundane seem like a work of art.

You see beauty in everything, even in the mundane, And your passion for art is something that’s hard to explain. Through your paintings, you show us the world in a new light, And your art has the power to make everything feel right.

So here’s to you, my friend, the artist with a gift, Your talent and creativity are truly a lift. Keep painting and creating, and don’t ever stop, For the world needs your art, and we can’t get enough.


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