¡Solo gira la llave!

Como puedes negar la existencia de un Dios como el que conozco yo. Si prestaras atención a su llamado de amor sentirías su cobertura y su divina protección. Él está presto a rescatarte del abismo al que tú libremente saltaste. Jesús es una escalera para que llegues a la cima.

Encontrarás en cada escalón sabiduría, como la encontré yo algún día. No la subas de prisa, detente a escudriñar los mensajes que te quiere dar. Solo así te podrás capacitar para no volverte a encontrar en la obscuridad y en la depresión en la que hoy te encuentras.

Él es la calma en el medio de tu tormenta, puerto seguro a donde puedes llegar a cualquier hora o en cualquier lugar donde te llevan las bravas olas del mar. Mi Dios es un oasis en medio del desierto, fuente de agua viva para saciar la sed que no se quita con ninguna otra bebida.

Deja de negar su existencia y de declarar en alta voz tu falta de confianza y tus dudas de su existencia. Él es un caballero y no entrará en tu mente ni tampoco en tu razón a menos que le abras la puerta de tu duro corazón.


Love Alarm vs Love Shield

A love alarm app works as easy as letting you know that someone within a radius of distance has a romantic interest in you. If you are lucky enough, you will ring his/her alarm back. Installing this app sounds easy and uncomplicated for the fortunate ones whose alarms go off often.

No one could imagine that not everyone will partake in such enjoyment. Life turns highly challenging when rejection is displayed publicly. Been alive should be easy to navigate, but that is hardly the case.

Often people fall in and out of love without major complications whether both alarms go off or not. There is no way to know if we are genuinely interested in each other. We don’t take time to look for the compatibility, likes, and wants of each other.

After all the floating hormones settle down, the truth emerges. We have little in common; we do not share the same plans for the future, etc. The reality is not easy to accept, and therefore, we do not learn; we keep experimenting.

In each fail attempt, our personality changes. We start suffering from a lack of trust; we are a little more cynical or plain out broken and easy to manipulate.

If we could only install a shield, no one will know our true feelings. We would have the upper hand. Sounds good until we realize we have no way to prove to our significant other that we love them back. Sheltering your emotions could become a fake façade of who you are and the true meaning of your words.

We should let our guard down on some occasions. At least you will know that you gave your all. Rejection is not necessarily an image of you; it could easily be a lack of compatibility or interest. We tend to take the thing to heart and develop feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem.

Do not allow yourself to be concerned by the opinions others may have of you. Chin up and remember that God created you for a divine purpose. God will move and remove anything that hinders your advance in your God-given destiny.

Subject from “The Love Alarm” a Korean series


There was a man who lost his way at sea. Crashing his boat on a desert island shore, he built a Hut with the wood he managed to salvage from the wreckage. After a while, he adjusted to being without the glitz and glamour of his previous life. One day his Hut caught on fire, and he cried out to the Lord. Why are you allowing this to happen? The Hut is all I have left. Soon after he cried out, a Ship got close to the shore. We came to rescue you, they shouted, to his surprise. How did you find me? He asked. We saw the smoke of the fire you build to alert us (or so goes the story)

It came from nowhere and when we least expected it, how our lives had been turned upside down in a matter of hours, maybe minutes. It was probably a decision we took to better ourselves, or so we thought. Our plans didn’t turn as good as we wanted, and now we ask why.

While merged in depression and despair, we isolate ourselves from others. The ones we open up to can’t help, and the others don’t care enough even pray. We look for answers, but they don’t come fast enough to quench our pain. Oh, Lord, my Hut is on fire, and we cry out in desperation.

Remember to offer your tears as a burnt offering at the altar. The smoke will rise to Heaven as you cry. The answers from Heaven will soon reach you, just like the ship reached the shore to rescue you. Don’t let your Hut catch fire in vain.

Some Plant, Some Waters, God Gives the Increase!

Plant even during difficult times. In due date, you will reap the harvest of your labor. With each season, we have an opportunity to prosper and move ahead. Don’t hesitate. Act according to the desires of your heart, only if they are according to God’s plans. You should have peace if your next step is in the perfect will of God for your future. Pause and examine your intentions and the reasons driving you. Are you honoring God and His word? If you are, proceed!

The one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. ❤️


Grieving is a slow process to complete. Losing someone hurts deep and takes time to heal. Natural wounds healing is a process you can pamper and help speed along. It is not the same process when you are grieving from the loss of someone you love.

Last night I had a dream with you. It was a very vivid picture in my mind when I woke up this morning. I saw you in the casket, resting peacefully. I believed in my heart that through prayer, you would come alive again. In the dream, you did as a beautiful baby. The beautiful baby was dress in white. He was full of life and splendor. Soon the baby grew, and I saw you. Just as young and handsome as ever. I was so happy to see you again. I could feel the love and the peace you were experiencing.

This morning I woke up and soon realized you are gone. I had a hard time understanding the way I felt this morning. I was sad, then hopeful. I miss your smile. I miss you, and I miss the way you make me feel important. I will never see you again on this earth. I am having a hard time, and I do not know if I should tell someone. Maybe I will make them as sad as I am. I am crying again. I did not cry thinking about you during the day. I waited until the day was over and, I can talk to you in private.

I want to tell you again how sad I am and how much I miss you. I know you are resting in God’s arms. Young, happy, and healed of all infirmities. I cannot wait to see you whole for the first time. I don’t remember knowing you without all the demons you were fighting. I guess I have no option but to thank God for giving you peace, finally.

In John 3:7, the bible says, “Do not marvel that I said to you, “You must be born again.” I got to see you get baptized in the water. What a privilege and comfort that is to my heart. I will keep the faith and, one day, I will see you again. Until then, I will praise God for your salvation.
That was the dream. You were born again, and now you are whole in heaven. God has a way to speak to us and, for that, I am thankful.

Nature is as hopeful as we are!

My flowers are ready to see the sun!

I am outside warming up by the fire. Unexpectedly I glance over the flowers wanting to greet 2021 before their time. They are ready to see what the new year will bring, just like the rest of us.

Oh, Lord! Bring us with the Spring season quickly approaching the bright colors and take away all our sorrows. Our hope is not in the vaccine is in the blood of the Lamb that washes our sins and covers all of us with love and long life.


Beautiful trees show the most beautiful colors red, yellow, orange, and golden browns adorn the scenery. In in my hometown is a season many of us enjoy while embracing the hope for a turn of the page.

It has been quite hard this year that is coming to an end. Although the answers for a solution may be weeks or months away, we hope it does not take all years or many more tears.

A life I only read in history books about plagues that disrupt the standard of life and sometimes take it away is happening in our world. I hope it is not here to stay.

We mourn the lost while praying for their souls. We think about our kids’ future who are missing the joy of school activities and sharing life with their friends.

Oh, Lord! a sign of hope! Let us light a fire in our hearts with fervent prayers. Come back to our lives and show the world you are in charge. We chased you out of the places where we needed your presence, your favor, and your protection. We repent! Will you forgive us and restore our lives once again?

Let us have an open mind to understand your Words. Your message is sounding louder while we are in this mess. May you keep our families and love ones in the palm of your hands and save the world according to your plan.

We trust in you Lord