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My friend Anthony

To my friend, the artist with a vision so bright, Your creativity shines like a beacon in the night. With brushstrokes and colors, you bring life to the canvas, And your art inspires and awakens all of us. Your mind is a world of wonder and mystery, A place where imagination runs free. Through your…

My Older Mom

Mom, as I see you grow older,I can’t help but feel bolderto express my love and admiration,For you are my constant inspiration. You’ve always been there for me,Through every triumph and difficulty,Your unwavering love and support,Is something I can never abort. As the years go by,I can’t help but sigh,Knowing that time is fleeting,And our…

Amor de Tiempo

El amor de tiempo es aquelque crece pausado y serenoque no se precipita en la piely que va madurando en el cieno. Es aquel que sobrevive al tiempoque resiste las tormentas y el fríoque se fortalece con el vientoy que nunca se rinde al desafío. El amor de tiempo no es pasiónni arrebato, ni emoción…