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Broken Heart

In the time of need, you turned away, Leaving us behind in disarray. Our tears and brokenness, you don’t see, As you walk away from all that used to be. You forgot us all, your family so dear, Leaving us to cope with our fear. We’ll survive, but it won’t be easy, Without you, it’s…

Al Descubierto

Encerrado en mi prisión de sentimientos, me debato entre el miedo y la indecisión. ¿Debo abrir mi corazón al mundo entero, o seguir ocultando mi dolor y mi pasión? He intentado expresar lo que siento, pero el mundo me ha juzgado sin piedad. Mis palabras se vuelven contra mí, y me siento cada vez más…

My friend Anthony

To my friend, the artist with a vision so bright, Your creativity shines like a beacon in the night. With brushstrokes and colors, you bring life to the canvas, And your art inspires and awakens all of us. Your mind is a world of wonder and mystery, A place where imagination runs free. Through your…