One of my favorite movies is Letters to Juliet. A young aspiring writer visits Verona, Italy, for a pre-honeymoon with her chef fiancé Victor. He is more interested in the Asiago cheese and old recipes for his soon to open restaurant than spending time with his girlfriend, Sophie. Sophie discovers that thousands, letters to Juliet, were left in the courtyard of Verona. She accidentally finds a letter that has been stuck inside a brick wall since 1957 from Claire Smith to her long-lost love Lorenzo Bartolini. Sophie answers the letter and, you guessed it, Claire immediately travels to Verona with her grandson to look for her long-lost love. By now, you may be wondering what happened. I do not want to spoil the end of the story, so watch the movie. You will not be disappointed.

Here is where the, what if, comes to play. We all have those what-if moments in our minds from time to time. What if I had married that handsome and charming prince? What if I had stayed in college? What if moments can be many, and they will go unanswered. We cannot undo life. Any guess will only be speculative. Life is like the beautiful scenery someone painted on what is now a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. One-piece missing will render an incomplete view of the masterpiece you worked to assemble for hours, days, or weeks as time has allowed you. That masterpiece will look different, but it will still be beautiful. Hang in there, I promise you, there is a new scenery you can paint on an empty canvas yourself. What if I had stayed back in my country to finish my degree? What if?

What if, is often transferred to night dreams of my younger years, when my life was full of different possibilities. What if, brings some sadness at times, especially in those moments when life was unbalanced. It is inevitable to reflect on your life choices and the consequences of those decisions you made along the way, but nothing, lasts forever and, soon, joy is back. Life is smiling at you again and, What if, go away, at least for a while. Our lives builts on the What if.

What if I had not made that turn in high school? What if I had not left my country? What if, can be a little sad but not when I can see so much happiness and new opportunities in front of me. I made it! Live in a beautiful. I live in a gorgeous town, in a beautiful house. I have a good husband, a beautiful family, two grown, successful sons, and six beautiful grand-kids. I have a twenty-one years career, the ability and freedom to write two books, and the desire and time to share my life experiences with you through this blog. Embracing life will allow you to develop new strategies and goals while expanding your search. No for, what if, but for “what is” next in your life.

Happy searching and happy journey, my friends. What if you share your thoughts with me? I would love to read them.

What if…we meet here!