As simple as that!


Don’t waste your precious time!

The more you want it, the longer you are willing to stay in pain. It’s simply the determination to conquer the thing, we can’t reach no matter how hard we try. It took me 59 years before I gave up. I prayed and I cried. I asked God the “why’s.” Nothing ever changed. Some desires are just not to be obtained. I paid my dues. I put in the work. I’m done! I’m finally at peace. Lo Que será, será! Just as simple as that. Good is working something in you and out of you. I’m waiting on him in perfect peace!

I’m Not Giving Up

When hope leaves my soul I don’t know where to turn. I search high and low to find a reason not to give up. I rehearse the life stories and the circumstances that brought me to this place.

I can’t go back and change a thing, there are no even a remote possibility. I think, I dream and never find a way to turn time around. Where has life taking me? I can’t reconcile my reality with the dreams I had as kid.

I look across my window and see the farm, the pond, the cows even a donkey is running around. All is so far from the memories I had of my fathers farm in Puerto Rico. I’m feeling lonely, broken, sad and confuse at times.

Why life didn’t keep us together? Why everyone scattered to diverse places. Holidays perhaps reunite us for a little while. I want to let go, I want to give up. Help me Lord to find a reason, to wait for a change of the season.

I trust you will make come to pass every spoken word over my life when I was down in the ground looking up to the cross. I will not give up today, I will hold on as long as you keep me strong and hold me with your right hand.