My friend Anthony

To my friend, the artist with a vision so bright, Your creativity shines like a beacon in the night. With brushstrokes and colors, you bring life to the canvas, And your art inspires and awakens all of us.

Your mind is a world of wonder and mystery, A place where imagination runs free. Through your art, you tell stories that touch our hearts, And you make the mundane seem like a work of art.

You see beauty in everything, even in the mundane, And your passion for art is something that’s hard to explain. Through your paintings, you show us the world in a new light, And your art has the power to make everything feel right.

So here’s to you, my friend, the artist with a gift, Your talent and creativity are truly a lift. Keep painting and creating, and don’t ever stop, For the world needs your art, and we can’t get enough.


Arts Lover

My version of a painting. original  by mcptato
My rendition, original by mcptato

Is, the Autumn of my life when I realized how many things I like to do. Cooking, gardening, crocheting, painting, cross-stitch, tic-toking, and even wrote a book. Well, almost two books.

I started this blog you, see. I like everything that opens my mind to be creative and cute. The problem is not in the many things I like or do. The problem is that from that list, I do not master even two.

Jack of all trades, master of none I heard, is called when you work in everything perfecting none. Good thing these are my hobbies and not the job I do to feed my family.

You could be a victim of criticisms, and some of the expressions may hurt at times. Remember that in your autumn years, you will always have something to keep you occupied. Maybe with good luck, you may be able to perfect at least one of them before you check out from this world.

Those encouragers are more than the naysayers who are jealous because you did not waste time surrounding yourself with negativity and boredom.

Friends, do not dismay and keep on learning the beautiful things that bring your soul happiness and comfort. Life could be hard at times, but these things you do will help you along. Explore new possibilities and learn from the ones helping you with your creativity with passion and dedication.

Let us stand in ovation and clap our hand to the talented, creative, and caring people that made it possible for you to start. If you are reading this blog, know that I would like to celebrate with you by drinking champagne and playing dominoes.

Do not forget to thank your instructors and share the success gained with each step you take. They will always be happy for you and will share with others your accomplishments. Their motives are pure and honest. They want others to be determined to learn just like you did back then.

One more thing we do not need to forget, your brain will always be working at capacity. Bads thoughts will find a place to stay and dwell in you if there is no room with an empty bed in your head.

 You will multiply your neurons, a friend told me once. I already forgot who that was. I am joking with you because I also like to make people smile. No, I am not good at it either, but I am quite sure nobody noticed.

My friends, husband, grandkids, and mother laugh because they love me no matter what. They do not look for faults or lack of perfection. They celebrate all my creations. Those who care about you may give you a hint or two to push forward your inspiration. To them, I say, blessed be God for bringing into my life the ones who accept me with all my flaws and, sometimes, imperfections.

I am happy, Lord! I finally understand. All within me was created by you. In you, I am more than enough. Am, accomplished, talented, perfect, and even as cute as I see me in my imagination. Thank you for allowing my versatility, be seen in so many areas of the arts. Who thought it was my destiny to create a world as beautiful as I can conceive it in my mind?

I might not be excellent in many arts, but you, Lord, make them look marvelous.