Baby, it’s cold outside!

It’s not cold, but it’s not as warm as I like it, so here is my latest painting.



While painting this picture yesterday, I had some challenges that made me reflect on a few things. I believe that I was trying to copy the inspiration painting to perfection. I wanted the same details, a similar distance between the trees and the water. I also wanted to add a landmass to place the cabin and a campfire in the woods. Well, the campfire did not fit! That is when I started thinking about this subject.

We should not attempt to copy the life of others step by step. Life does not work like that. We have our sphere of influence, reach, and space to occupy. Our lives are not like any others. Recognize, be happy for others, and strive to do as good as your potential allows you.

Don’t hesitate to push yourselves to explore and develop your unique talents beyond your mental limitations. Prepare for mistakes along the way. Do not get discouraged. You can always regroup and start the process all over again to find the desired success.

I painted too much landmass in this painting. It required me to wipe half of it with soap and water. I also use acetone to get rid of the impurities left behind by the darker colors. Sometimes you are trapped, and the mistakes you made in your life are hard to remediate. Just like in this painting.

Do not lose heart. Remember that over two thousand years ago, someone paid the ultimate price for you to have hope. There is nothing or no one else that can give you a clean slate to start from afresh. Forgive yourself and anyone that crossed your path and hurt your heart.

That is the best medicine to get your soul ready as a new canvas. Be in the best position to paint a pretty picture of your desires and watch them become a reality.

Happy life and happy painting.

Just Like Peeling an Onion

I used to consider myself unartistic. I admired people who can draw and play instruments. I just never counted crocheting, needlework, or another thing I did as art. They are under the craft category; I understand, but you must have artistic nature to make things look beautiful.

A friend introduced me to painting. Now I am hooked ;).  It is probably all that needlework I already knew. It is as simple as peeling an onion. Sometimes your eyes will tear up with frustration. Just like in life when you are inexperienced and navigates the turbulent waters of school, sports, or how to be in love. It takes work and some preparation. Only with continued efforts and discipline, you can find the confidence required to create a masterpiece.

Soon you will be looking at colorful landscapes symbolizing your memories and your taste. It makes you tired, yet satisfied. It will change your mood and even your self-esteem. It takes courage to paint and share with others your work, yet you will notice how an emotional connection with your viewers will flourish out of it. Colors make everything happier. People will admire an abstract or realistic painting as they feel.

You cannot pretend to walk before you can crawl and much less run. Your little legs must develop the calves to support the weight of your body. The same way your hands must learn the strokes. It is not impossible! Painting can be taught, unlike having to be born with a gene to playing an instrument. Find the inspiration through any venue you have available. After you have the inspiration, start preparing. 

Feel it in your heart first. Then you will be able to sketch it on the canvas. Dig into your inner soul and let the power of storytelling inspire you. It will not be perfect at first, just like when you ride a bicycle or have the first crush. You will remember the mistakes you made choosing the colors, the type of canvas, or the brush. Muscle memory will help you to be selective and avoid mistakes.

Apply these principles to your life. Do not be too hard on yourself. It is a process you must enjoy if you want the perfect end.

My Paintings

This is one of my many ways to be creative. I like to find ways to be inspired and productive. Having the tools and the desire to explore new interests keeps you focus on the positive areas of life. Time is never enough but it is important for me to pursue my passions. I get to learn from wonderful people as well as supporting them. I also share my artistic inclinations with the grand-kids. If you desire to learn how to paint, follow any of the great artists on YouTube. I am sure they will help you as they have helped me. I am adding links to my three favorite instructors, check them out. Good Paintings! ♥

My favorite Instructors!