Lake Life

Our cute little lake house is twelve miles off the main road. It is a beautiful place where we can get away from the bustle and traffic. We usually walk in the ring that overlooks the water. There you can see the ferry passing often. Seagulls, Blue jays, and Woodpeckers, as well as other beautiful birds, abound throughout the many trees. It’s common to have deer visiting with us or we find them as we walk in the neighborhood. It is a community where mostly retirees reside. It is a privilege been able to enjoy this place. The house is located fifty minutes from our office in an adjacent town.
The town consists of a grocery store, post office, and a bank. You can find kerosene and fish baits at the grocery store. On the same road, we have a country restaurant that I’m planning to visit soon. The marina is less than two miles, and there is also a camping area.